How To Make A Lamington Bar

We’ve written our Lamington recipe below so you can have a go at making some warm, soft and healthy lamingtons in your own kitchen!

*does require a food processor or blender.


Lamington Ingredients

10 medjool dates – Normal, pitted dates will work too but you may want to warm them first.

2 ½ cups Shredded Coconut – Shredded is much better than desiccated as desiccated is quite dry.

3 level TBSPs Cacao/cocoa – Any Cacao or cocoa will achieve a great flavour, even Cadburys.

2 TBSPs Coconut Oil, melted – If you don’t have coconut oil, you can try nut oils or more dates.

1 Tsp Vanilla Bean paste – If you don’t have vanilla paste, or essence, the recipe will be fine without.



Pre-heat oven to 110 degrees C, no fan.

Line one brownie pan with baking paper (just sit it loosely over the top, it will pack into the pan when the mix is added.)

Have a second sheet of baking paper (larger than the top of the brownie pan) on hand with a second, identical, brownie pan.


Add ALL ingredients to blender

Blend for 10 seconds. Open blender, scrape down sides if need be, and blend for a further 10 seconds.

Pour mix into brownie pan (on top of baking paper). Use your hands to evenly spread mix into tray (can be very rough, just make sure you can’t see the bottom of the pan).

Place second sheet of baking paper on top of brownie pan and place second brownie pan inside of first brownie pan, like stacking cups, so that you can use the top pan as a press. Put trays on floor and stand on top tray. (Move and jump around a little bit, you are trying to evenly compress and spread the mixture).

Remove top brownie pan and top layer of baking paper and bake for 8 minutes

Air cool to room temp and enjoy!